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About Us

Panda Enrollments

is a full-service benefits administration firm. We partner with employers and benefit consultants to offer, maintain, and manage benefits for the employees of their organizations. Stellar customer service is of the utmost importance to our firm. We specialize in coupling best-in-practice counselors with innovative, reliable technologies.

Your benefits administration solution will be customized to the specific needs of your organization and employees. We are able to accommodate organizations Nationwide. With decades of benefits experience, we are a great choice for handling all of your enrollment needs.

Why Panda People

  • Motivate employees to be more engaged in their roles

  • Boost productivity

  • Create a culture of positive recognition

  • Boost morale and create a desired corporate culture

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Reduce staff absenteeism

  • Engage and motivate your teams

  • Stand out from the competition

  • Have an engaged and motivated workforce who want to go above and beyond their call of duty

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We can help you improve your employee’s benefit offerings beyond the common voluntary services.